How Role Playing Games Helps my Depression

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I wrote this blog back in October but it really has relevance as I have been dealing with some minor depression. I have also wrote a guest blog for a blogger friend of mine that has relevance to how role playing games have helped me over the years deal with my Bipolar depression.

Gaming: How Role Playing Games are Mood Changers (A Guest Post by J. E. Skye)

Role Playing Video Games & Bipolar Depression

I wanted to write about a favorite subject of mine, Role-playing video games. I started playing Shadow of War this week, and it reminded me how role-playing games were always a great coping mechanism for my depression.

I have played role-playing games since I was a young kid playing Dungeons and Dragons at school with my fellow role-playing friends. It was always a fun and amazing experience, and I still remember going to my…

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Nintendo Switch Becomes Fastest Selling Game Console Of All Time

The Nintendo Wii is the best selling video game console of all time. But the Nintendo Switch, so far at least, is on an even faster sales pace.

On Thursday, Nintendo announced that the Switch had become the fastest selling home video game system of all time in the U.S., selling over 4.8 million units in 10 months. That’s 800,000 more than the Wii did in the same timeframe.

“Whether this is a dedicate gamer who doesn’t want to stop playing Mario or Zelda, or whether it’s a child experiencing these franchises for the very first time, we believe the value proposition as well as the compelling content is what’s fueling our momentum,” Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, told Fortune.

The Switch is a console that caters both to gamers who prefer playing on their couch and those who prefer their games on the go, but the…

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Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

The Ü

Wonder Woman (dir. Patty Jenkins, 2017) – When a pilot crashes on Paradise Island, young Diana learns of the conflict beyond her Amazonian world and decides to leave home for a war to end all wars.


Taking a breather from the sullen skirmishes of the budding Justice League, Wonder Woman brings hope in her faith for humanity and to the DC Extended Universe.


There are very few things I can say about Wonder Woman that has not already been said. It is empowering, tons of fun, and everything an epic adventure should feel like. But how can anyone not rave on about the first superheroine film that has risen above this male-dominated genre?

It is perfect timing too. Post-Nolan, the DCEU has gotten onto an uneven restart. The dour monotony that Zack Snyder has imposed on the new era, has long been clamouring for a new voice. This challenge…

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